Medical News Today: Do electronic devices affect our ability to grasp complex ideas?

In today’s world, it seems pretty much everyone uses smartphones and tablets on a daily basis. But our brains may not thank us for it, according to new research showing that overuse of electronic devices correlates with a poorer understanding of complex, scientific texts. People who constantly use their electronic Continue Reading

Medical News Today: ‘Intensive blood pressure management’ may preserve brain health

New research compares intensive blood pressure control with standard blood pressure management and finds that the former correlates with a lower chance of developing white matter lesions later in life. Managing your blood pressure ‘intensively’ may prevent brain damage later in life, new research suggests. Numerous large, cohort studies have Continue Reading

Medical News Today: Smartphone-controlled device could deliver drugs into the brain

An international research team has designed a wireless, smartphone-controlled device that is able to deliver drugs straight into the brain. It can also stimulate brain cells using light. So far, the scientists have tested this device in mice. The new device may help scientists deliver drugs straight into the brain. Continue Reading

Medical News Today: Clues in brain’s waste system may help explain Alzheimer’s

New research reveals that a particular group of lymphatic vessels plays a pivotal role in helping the brain dispose of waste. It also suggests that deterioration of these vessels through aging could contribute to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. New findings into the brain’s clearance system may help us better Continue Reading