Medical News Today: Antibiotics and bowel cancer: Study finds link

A recent study looking for a link between antibiotics and cancer risk uncovers a complex relationship. The researchers conclude that there is an association between antibiotic use and an increase in colon cancer risk, but a decrease in rectal cancer risk. A new study finds an association between antibiotics and Continue Reading

Medical News Today: Cancer more common in females with severe sleep apnea

Some studies have identified links between sleep apnea and cancer. Now, new research reveals that rates of cancer are higher among females with pronounced symptoms of apnea. New research finds that women with a severe form of sleep apnea are more likely to receive a cancer diagnosis. The recent study, Continue Reading

Medical News Today: How a dietary change might boost cancer therapy

In a recent study, mice that ate a diet with reduced levels of a particular amino acid responded better to cancer treatments. The findings are intriguing, but the authors call for caution. Meat and eggs contain particularly high levels of methionine. Doctors and other experts now understand the significant role Continue Reading

Medical News Today: Cancer and nutrition research: How best to move it forward

In the past few decades, a number of studies have suggested a link between dietary habits and the development of cancer. However, much of this research has been unable to move beyond observing links. Now, specialists in cancer and nutrition suggest a way forward. At a recent conference, specialists discussed Continue Reading