Archaeologists find evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem as told in the Bible

(CNN) — Archaeologists excavating on Mount Zion in Jerusalem have uncovered evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city, appearing to confirm a Biblical account of its destruction. Academics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte made significant finds, including ash deposits, arrowheads, and broken pieces of pots and Continue Reading

Medical News Today: World’s first blood test for celiac disease in sight

Scientists have identified biomarkers that could form the basis of the world’s first blood test for celiac disease. They discovered that exposure to gluten in people with celiac disease causes a rise in certain inflammatory molecules in the bloodstream that correlates with common symptoms. New research suggests an innovative blood Continue Reading

Medical News Today: Focus boosting drugs not worth the risks, studies warn

Many younger adults use focus boosting drugs without a prescription to help them study and stay on track with work. However, new research suggests that such drugs bring healthy adults very few — and only short-lived — benefits while placing their cognitive health at risk in the long run. Taking Continue Reading