A 5 Point Road Map To Compete With Amazon

Levi’s made headlines last week when their stock gained 32% on its first day of trading. While Levi’s sales and profits are growing, they didn’t come by accident. For years the Levi’s brand foundered as competitors chipped away at one of America’s most iconic brands. Beginning about 7 years ago, Levi’s crafted a plan Continue Reading

The Future of Retail: 9 Experts Share Insights At Shoptalk 2019

I attended Shoptalk in Las Vegas last week. Even as headlines about the retail apocalypse returned after widely expected store closures were announced…hope was palatable. Here’s what I heard… There is a renewed emphasis on the customer experience, but just how you show that varies widely by the technology you Continue Reading

The world’s longest-running airlines

(CNN) — When we hear that an industry is celebrating its 100th anniversary, images of the industrial revolution might spring to mind, with its coal-powered steam machines, railways and chimneys. But this will soon apply to a sector generally associated with cutting-edge technology and the modern world. October 2019 will Continue Reading